Planning for a vacation? 7 tips on what not to do.

Vacation has become an expensive affair with everyone wanting to travel overseas to exotic locations, what with soaring cost of flights and hotel bookings during the holiday season. How do you make the most of your vacation? Here are some tips on what not to do while you’re on a holiday… Advertisements

How to protect yourself from crime

In today’s crazy world, self-defense is of utmost importance, especially for women. I want to share with you some of the techniques I learnt while attending a self-defense class by an ex-police officer.

10 best healthy food substitutes

Small changes to your cooking ingredients can bring about a big difference to your health and energy levels. I have tried these changes which are healthier alternatives, while my family doesn’t even realise the difference in taste.

How I lost 14 kilos naturally!

When you get pregnant, you naturally tend to put on weight due to food cravings. This was what happened to me too. I was stupid enough to think that all the fat would go away once the baby was born. But to my disappointment, I just lost 1 kilo! And even worse, the baby’s weight…

11 cool tricks to cook healthier

No one can deny that veggies and fruits are good for us, yet when we sit down for a meal, we tend to forget that. Healthy food is not only about what you should not eat but also about what you should so that you get adequate nutrition. Healthy food can taste good if we can introduce minor changes…

7 ways to stay fit without trying too hard

Can adopting and maintaining a healthy lifestyle be thrilling? Isn’t health and fitness all about eating more veggies and fruits, walking 10,000 steps a day or sweating out at the gym? The mantra ‘diet and exercise’ we hear every time we talk about health and fitness.