Planning for a vacation? 7 tips on what not to do.

Vacation has become an expensive affair with everyone wanting to travel overseas to exotic locations, what with soaring cost of flights and hotel bookings during the holiday season. How do you make the most of your vacation? Here are some tips on what not to do while you’re on a holiday…




Explore in leisure



Excessive Planning

Planning for a holiday does involve getting to know the place, language, local culture, etc. apart from flight tickets, hotel bookings and places of interest, of course. However, going to the extent of scheduling day-to-day activities, restaurants to visit, long shopping list, all these spoil the fun. Having the luxury of time doesn’t mean you have to cram too many activities into your schedule. If you get too tired you wouldn’t be able to enjoy, particularly towards the end of the day.

Fretting over failed plans

Invest enough time planning for the vacation. Once you’re done, don’t worry about it. It’s okay if the hotel room doesn’t look like the one you saw online, so long as it’s clean it is going to be fine. Don’t pick up a fight with the staff and spoil your mood. To vent your anger, you can post online reviews after you get back. Don’t worry if you are not able to visit all the places of interest. Explore the place in leisure and enjoy every moment.


It is quite easy to get carried away when you’re on a holiday. The euphoria of being in a new place, the lure of exotic food, and changes from your normal routine will make you forget all about healthy eating. Don’t give in. Always watch what you eat. Also, you don’t want to fall sick and spoil the fun for you as well as the family. That brings us to the next point:

Falling Sick

The last thing you want on a vacation is to run around looking for a doctor. Ensure that you are fit and healthy the moment you decide on the holiday (ideally, you should be doing it always). Find out from your GP if you need to take any vaccination. He will advise you depending on the country you are visiting. You should be doing your part by eating healthy and exercising. (Read this for tips on healthy lifestyle change). In fact, this should be your first step in planning. Always carry a first aid kit with some basic medication. 

Mindless Shopping

In today’s well-connected world, There’s not much that’s unavailable in your own country. If you want to buy stuff for friends and relatives back home, opt for souvenirs or gifts that are localised, specific to that city. Make it simple so that you save energy and time for other activities.

Disciplining the kids

Children also need to de-stress, with all the homework, tuitions, extra lessons and so on. Let them be themselves and have fun. A Little bit of naughtiness and running around will not hurt. Years later when they look back, they should only be having sweet memories of the trip. That matters more than any photo or video. Moreover, you have the rest of the year to enforce discipline.




Allow kids to be themselves



Compromising on Safety

Check on the safety aspects of the place even while you are planning for the trip and schedule your activities accordingly. If you feel it is unsafe to wander around the place late in the night, listen to your instincts. Don’t put you and your family in danger unnecessarily. Nothing is more important than returning home safely. For more on safety, you can read How to protect yourself from crime.

With these in mind, enjoy your vacation and bring back pleasant experiences and memories that will last you a lifetime. ♥

What are your views? Please feel free to comment…


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