Beyond weight loss- 6 Things nobody tells you

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Being healthy is a journey, not a destination 

You’ve decided on your weight loss plan with a healthy diet, exercise, lots of motivation and excitement. Or, you’ve already embarked on the journey towards a healthy lifestyle. Before you move on, there are a few things you can do to fully enjoy the fruits of your hard work.

We all know the benefits of a healthy lifestyle – you get a great slimmer body (you can finally fit into those skinny jeans you have always admired!) and more energy, you feel and look younger, lesser incidence of illness, healthy skin and hair, you are more comfortable on the airplane seat (which seems to be incredibly shrinking these days) – the list is endless. But did you know there is a flip side to being a health enthusiast?

1.Your skin

There will a healthy glow to your skin if you had followed proper precautions and skincare routine. If not, you will end up with a sagging skin and stretch marks making you look aged and haggard. That’s why losing weight slowly and steadily becomes all the more important.


Follow your skin care routine of cleansing, toning, moisturizing, and sun protection diligently and regularly. Make face and neck exercise part of your workout regimen. Facial yoga is one of my favourites.

2.Your wardrobe

Sure, shopping for clothes would seem like a lot more fun when you start losing weight and you would be quite excited to try on new clothes. But eventually, you will feel the pinch when your wallet keeps losing weight too!


When you are on a weight loss plan, do not be in a hurry to buy new clothes. The best thing to do is to buy intermittently, whenever you reach your short-term goals which can also double-up as rewards for your efforts. Go for clothes that can be altered and find a tailor who can do a good job for you.

3.Your emotions

It feels great when you receive compliments like “Wow, you look great now!” but at the same time, it makes you wonder what the person has been thinking about you earlier. And inadvertently, you might also start expecting similar compliments whenever you meet someone, leading to disappointment when that doesn’t happen.


The reason you put in your efforts is only you and your well-being. Others’ opinions are only secondary or sometimes they don’t matter at all, and it should always stay that way. Like all your other decisions in life, once you’ve made up your mind, be strong about your conviction and believe in yourself. Don’t let the opinions of others influence you adversely.

4.Your eating habits

Once you get used to a healthy lifestyle and eating habits, you will realize that you actually crave those soups, salads, and wraps. While you enjoy them, it is important to remember that your family or whoever is dining with you may not feel the same. They might even feel left out, or worse, irritated.


Play it down when you’re dining as a group or family. If you’re cooking, it takes a little bit more effort to cook as per everyone’s liking (check out: 11 cool tricks to cooking healthier) and while dining out, don’t always insist on going to a place which serves only healthy food. You can always ask for less salt and sauce and skip the dessert.

5.Your relationships

Once you achieve your health goals, the first person to be happy will be your spouse (to see a confident, sexy you!) At the same time, he/she might feel insecure, which is quite natural. Someone comments that you and your daughter look like sisters, and he wonders what are you to him! Your daughter, too may not like it.


It is important to have a talk with your spouse/partner before you even start on the journey towards healthy living. If he’s willing to join you it would be great. (Click here to find out how to involve your family). If not, explain the benefits and what changes you would like to do in your life together to achieve your goals. Who knows, he might be convinced to join you once he starts seeing the results. Or at least you can get full cooperation from him if he understands the benefits.

6.Your social circle

Friends who used to meet you at the nearby pizza joint may think twice now. If you’re too uptight about your food choices, you might run the risk of losing nice opportunities to meet up with friends.


Go for minor compromises. Just assure them that you’re game for it while suggesting that next time you can meet at the soup restaurant. You can afford to pamper yourself once in a while, after all.

Can you add more to the list? What are your experiences? Please share…














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