An invite to share your blogging tips


“The greatest of life’s pleasures are shared” – Maria Fontaine

Dear blogger friends,

As a way of celebrating the first anniversary of my blogging journey, I would like to bring together some useful tips on blogging with your help. Fresh perspectives from all of you will benefit the newbies in our blogging community.

Here, let’s start:

  1. Be genuine and write from your heart. This makes your blog soulful and enjoyable.
  2. Always remember the reason why you started your blogging journey to keep you motivated and focused.
  3. Always keep the reader in mind when you write. Evaluate your post like you would, as a reader.
  4. When you are reading a blog post by a fellow blogger, don’t just ‘like’, but give relevant and useful comments which means the most to any blogger.
  5. Everyone starts from zero. So don’t worry when your stats show zero views; there will be a lot of occasions when your stats will surprise you. It symbolizes life with its ups and downs!

Now it’s up to you, my friends, to complete the list in the comments section below. Let’s spread the love that brings us together – love for writing, blogging and sharing.

Thank you!


  1. Sometimes it can get a little disheartening when you’ve spent hours on a post, and seemingly no -one reads it. Then you’ll throw together a post that you consider second rate comparatively, and you’ll get heaps of reads, and comments – and that’s the posts that’ll keep you blogging.

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  2. 6. Always re-read each post through at least once before hitting ‘Publish’ — and check all those links work as intended (sadly, many of them won’t work three years down the road but that’s the Internet for you…).

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